Austin Community College (ACC) Student Life promotes an environment committed to your personal, emotional, cultural, social, and ethical development. Through Student Life, you may be involved in student organizations, intramural sports, ambassadorships, volunteer opportunities, and campus governance. The ACC campus experience can be rich and engaging.

Take advantage of meeting other students and learning and connecting with other interesting people. Visit ACC Student Life for more information.

ACC Civics Lab

The ACC Civics Lab is an innovative program created to promote civic literacy and facilitate tangible experiences with public policy among Austin Community College (ACC) students. We seek to incubate the next generation of leaders through interactions with policymakers and community leaders, an eye toward local service, and an appreciation of various career paths.

Student Government Association

The Austin Community College District (ACCD) Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the official voice of the student body and promotes understanding and involvement among all members of the college community.

Visit Student Government Association for more information.