All course grades are awarded by the instructor of record. At the beginning of the course, your instructor will inform you of course requirements and grading policies via the course syllabus. Your instructor shall exercise professional judgment in the application of those policies and the awarding of grades. All grades are final except in the case of college error.

Resolving Disputes About a Grading Policy and/or a Specific Assignment Grade

If you have a question about a grading policy and/or a specific assignment grade, you must raise your question while enrolled in the course. Meet with your instructor and discuss your questions or objections. Document in writing what you discuss and the outcome of that discussion in case you later request a formal Review of Final Course Grade.

If you are unable to resolve your questions or objections with your instructor, make an appointment with the instructional department chair to discuss the matter or, if the instructor is the department chair, with the instructional area dean. Instructional department chairs and deans can be found at Instructional Departments and Divisions.

Resolving Disputes About Final Course Grades

If you have questions about your final course grade, you must contact your instructor within three months after the grade was awarded. If you cannot contact the instructor, contact the instructional department chair. If the department chair is also the instructor who awarded the grade, the instructional area dean will act in place of the department chair.

If the grade awarded was not the grade your instructor intended, your instructor will initiate a Grade Change Request Form to correct the error. Address any follow-up questions to your instructor or the department chair.

If the grade awarded was the grade your instructor intended but you believe there was an error, you may request a formal Review of Final Course Grade.

Review of Final Course Grade

A request for a Review of Final Course Grade may be submitted only if you are unable to resolve the dispute either with your instructor or with the assistance of the department chair. You are encouraged to make an appointment with a Student Affairs advisor to discuss the process before preparing a formal request.

In order to begin this process, you must submit your written request including evidence of college error and relevant supporting documentation to the department chair within three months after the grade was awarded. The department chair will forward your request to the dean who oversees that program. Late requests or deadline extensions will be approved only if there are documented extenuating circumstances.

The instructional area dean will give your instructor a copy of your written request and ask the instructor to provide a written response. The dean will give you a copy of the instructor’s written statement. If the college no longer employs the instructor who awarded the grade, the dean will make a diligent effort to locate the instructor to obtain a written statement. (If the instructor is unavailable, the dean, in consultation with the department chair, will give you a written statement containing all relevant information available to them.) During the process of writing and exchanging statements, the instructor may choose to change the grade or you may withdraw your request for review. If neither of these occurs, the dean shall appoint a three-member faculty Grade Review Committee to consider the request.

The Grade Review Committee will consist of three members, including a required representative outside the instructional department. None of your current instructors, at the time the committee meets, will be on the committee. You may exercise your option to have a Student Government Association representative participate on the committee. If possible, one of the committee members will be an adjunct faculty member in the discipline. The committee members will determine the steps they take in reviewing your request. There is no requirement for you to appear before the committee, but you may request to do so. You will not be present when the committee considers your request.

The Grade Review Committee will meet in private to protect the confidentiality of all student records. Only committee members will be present during committee deliberations. The dean will explain the committee’s decision in writing to you, your instructor, and the department chair. The committee’s decision is final. If the decision requires a grade change, the dean will initiate the paperwork to make the grade change.