State law permits students to withdraw from no more than six courses during their entire undergraduate career at Texas public colleges or universities. All course withdrawals automatically count toward the limit unless:

    • You withdraw from all courses.
    • You or the course is exempt from the rule.
    • You receive an exception authorized by college officials.

Once you reach your withdrawal limit, you must remain on the class roll unless you request and receive approval for a withdrawal exception.


The following are exempt from the withdrawal limit:

    • Students who entered college before Fall 2007.
    • Co-enrolled high school students (dual credit).
    • Credit by examination or other method that does not require registration in a course.
    • Developmental Education.
    • Continuing Education.
    • Courses taken at private or out-of-state colleges.
    • Courses ineligible for state funding.
    • Those in which a punitive, non-completion grade is received.
    • Those resulting from documented College error.


You may request an Austin Community College (ACC) course not count toward your withdrawal limit. The College allows the following exceptions:

    • Severe illness/debilitating condition of student or close family member.
    • Death of close family member.
    • Care of sick, injured, or needy.
    • Active military duty.
    • Change in work schedule beyond student’s control.
    • Complete withdrawal from all courses.
    • Incorrect course placement based on assessment error.
    • Instructor or classmate incompatibility.
    • Challenging circumstances, including language barriers and disabilities.
    • Other circumstances not covered by legislated exceptions.
    • Other “good cause,” as determined by the college.

Exception Request Process

You have three months following the end of the semester or session to officially request an exception to the withdrawal limit. You should meet with an advisor before submitting a Withdrawal Exception Request.

A committee composed of faculty, administrators, and a student peer will review requests that do not fit circumstances specifically listed.