The Austin Community College (ACC) Alumni Network is open to all former students who have earned an associate degree or certificate or completed at least 20 credit hours at ACC. Our mission is to promote and support our alumni and students in their educational, social, and professional endeavors and to foster a spirit of loyalty and lifelong connections to Austin Community College.

The ACC Alumni Network maintains contact with former students through a variety of social, professional growth, and community service opportunities. Students and alumni benefit from the experiences of all ACC alumni and others with extensive professional skills and knowledge through programming on the various campuses as well as local events. The Alumni Relations office works closely with Student Life, Career Services, and various academic departments to connect students with appropriate alumni for mentoring and networking.

The Student Government Association (SGA) appoints a student liaison to serve as an ad hoc member of the Alumni Network Advisory Committee.

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ACC Alumni Network Scholarship

The ACC Alumni Network Scholarship is awarded to one full-time student pursuing a certificate or associate degree at ACC. The award is based on the funds available for tuition, fees, and books. Learn more and make a gift at Alumni Network Scholarship. Students may apply online annually on the ACC Foundation website.