You may withdraw or drop, from a 16-week course or from the College with a grade of W any time on or before the end of the 12th class week in the fall or spring 16-week session. Shorter semesters have prorated drop dates.

If you drop a course before its census date, or official reporting date, the course is deleted from your enrollment, does not earn any grade, and does not appear on your transcript. If you drop a course after the census date, a grade will be included on your transcript.

Reporting dates vary, so you are strongly encouraged to consult your instructor, the course syllabus, or the Austin Community College (ACC) website for the drop and withdrawal dates for your course.

If your first college enrollment occurred in Fall 2007 or later, you may not drop more than six courses during your cumulative enrollment at any Texas public college or university.

Withdrawal Process

You may withdraw from a course prior to the withdrawal date. Until you are officially withdrawn, your name remains on the class roll, and you may receive a grade of F for the course.

You will be dropped from a course if you are marked as “never attended” by the course instructor on the attendance certification roster. No grade will appear on your transcript. You may be eligible for a refund on a portion of your tuition and fees if the withdrawal occurs during the tuition refund period. If you were awarded financial aid, you may be required to repay any funds you received.

Withdrawal Consequences

Dropping or withdrawing from a course can have serious consequences that affect your financial aid, veterans’ benefits, or international student status. Consult with your instructor or advisor before dropping a class.

Visit Withdrawals for more information.