The Austin Community College (ACC) Catalog includes everything you need to know about ACC. This catalog is in effect for new students entering ACC in the 2021-2022 academic year and for any ACC student returning in the 2021-2022 academic year whose catalog has expired. It was prepared from existing policies and information obtained from the appropriate ACC officials and is the document of authority for all students.

You may follow the degree plan requirements described in the catalog in effect at the time you first enrolled at ACC. Or you may choose to follow the degree plan requirements of a later catalog in effect during your enrollment, as long as the program of study is still offered, the catalog is not more than five years old, and you have officially declared the corresponding major.

ACC reserves the right to make changes in the regulations and offerings announced in this catalog as circumstances require. Each semester the College posts an online schedule listing courses to be offered. Not all courses listed in this catalog are offered each semester. This information is made available to students as early as possible prior to the beginning of each semester.

Please frequently refer to the ACC Catalog and Student Handbook online, so you are aware of the latest and most accurate information.

How to Use this Catalog

This catalog is a description of the academic programs, policies, and facilities of Austin Community College (ACC). It also describes the many resources we provide to assist you with achieving your academic and career goals, including free advising and tutoring services. At ACC, you will have the opportunity to meet students and faculty with similar interests and to learn about how you can qualify for excellent jobs and careers or achieve transfer to a university.

ACC maintains an open-admissions policy providing higher education to all persons who can benefit from its programs and courses. Complete an ACC application at any time during the year, and you will be admitted to the College. You should then attend an Area of Study (AoS) Information Session. There are 10 broad Areas of Study. At the AoS Information session, you will learn more about the programs in that AoS as well as the career and transfer opportunities for which you will be prepared.

If you have a strong interest or passion in an Area of Study, you should pursue it. ACC provides Program Maps within each Area of Study for each program you might want to study. It will guide you to take the right courses in the right order. You will always have access to advisors and faculty members who can help you make good decisions for your future.

We look forward to serving you as an Austin Community College student!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

Due to the ever-evolving nature of COVID-19, the Austin Community College (ACC) Catalog for the 2021-22  academic year will include updates based on ACC’s policy changes in response to the pandemic. These updates will be reflected in the Catalog Archives section of the ACC Catalog and shared on the ACC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information page.

While most courses and support will be offered online, it is important for some students (i.e. veterans) to know which courses would have been offered face-to-face in order to receive full benefits. Students should speak with their advisor prior to making course selections each semester. ACC will continue to expand face-to-face instruction and student support services. Beginning Summer 2021 and beyond, ACC will expand more in-person and hybrid learning options and more student support services on campus.