Austin Community College’s (ACC) Continuing Education Division (CE) provides a variety of career/industry certificate programs to help students obtain a job or a better job quickly (usually within six months or less). CE also offers Community Education and Personal and Professional Development courses. These CE programs and courses are found in most of ACC’s Areas of Study. Additionally, students can register for CE classes without completing the traditional ACC enrollment process. In some cases, CE courses can count towards an ACC college degree. Students should speak to their program advisor for more information about which CE courses may count towards an ACC college degree. Program details, class schedules, and registration information is available on the ACC Continuing Education website.

Training for Businesses

Corporate Education is a division of Continuing Education that provides customized training for businesses. These programs provide training in technical areas, management and supervision, employability skills, and other skills to improve job performance and productivity. CE project managers work with individual businesses to develop custom courses and schedules that work for them. For more information, please visit CE Corporate Training.