Austin Community College’s (ACC) grading system is as follows:

GradeInterpretationGrade Points Per Semester Credit Hour
DMinimum Passing1
IIncompleteNot Computed
IPIn ProgressNot Computed
S/FSatisfactory/FailS (satisfactory) is the equivalent of a C or better. An S is not considered when calculating cumulative GPA.
An F (fail) is considered when calculating GPA. The S/F grade option is limited to some practicum courses. Consult with your instructional program for information.
WWithdrewNot Computed
AUAuditNot Computed
CRCredit Given for Non-Traditional Transfer WorkNot Computed

Incomplete Grade

An instructor may award a temporary grade of Incomplete (I) to students who are unable to finish a course at the end of a semester due to an emergency or other unanticipated circumstances. A new completion date is determined by the instructor, but it may not be later than the final withdrawal deadline in the subsequent semester. When the student completes the required work by the Incomplete deadline, the instructor will submit a form to change the student’s performance grade from an “I” to the earned grade of A, B, C, D, or F. If an Incomplete is not resolved by the deadline, the grade automatically converts to an F.

Approval to carry an Incomplete for longer than the following semester or session deadline is not frequently granted. An extension of an “I” grade must be approved by the faculty member and department chair.

In Progress Grade

An instructor may award an In Progress (IP) grade to students in Developmental Education courses. An IP may be awarded if a student did not achieve the standards for earning a C or better in the course, and the student demonstrated regular attendance and some progress. The student will register again for the course to successfully complete the course objectives. An In Progress is a final grade that counts toward your semester course load but carries no grade points or credit toward graduation.

An In Progress does not indicate successful completion of course objectives, nor does it satisfy Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements. If you earn an In Progress, you must re-register for the course during your next semester registration unless you complete TSI requirements through other means.

An In Progress shall not be used as an alternative to an Incomplete or an F. You do not qualify for an In Progress if you have excessive absences.

You may receive an IP in the same course two times. On the third attempt, you must receive an A, B, C, D, or F.

Satisfactory/Fail Grades

The Satisfactory/Fail grade option applies to only a limited group of practicum courses. Consult an instructional program or area for information about this grade option.

You must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 to meet the requirements of Academic Standards of Progress.