The Biology Field of Study Curriculum is designed for students seeking a bachelor’s degree with a major in biology. This field of study will expire on August 31, 2025.

Austin Community College’s (ACC) field of study courses for biology are listed below. The Field of Study Curriculum for Biology consists of 24 lower-division semester credit hours (SCH) that are fully transferable to other Texas public colleges and universities.

Biology Field of Study Curriculum
BIOL 1406Cellular & Molecular Biology
BIOL 1407Structure & Function of Organisms
CHEM 1311/CHEM 1111General Chemistry I Lecture/Lab
CHEM 1312/CHEM 1112General Chemistry II Lecture/Lab
CHEM 2323/CHEM 2123Organic Chemistry I Lecture/Lab
PHYS 1401General College Physics I

Students should always consult with an academic or Biology faculty advisor regarding transfer to a specific college or university. In addition, students should consult with an advisor at the Texas college or university to which they are transferring for additional information.