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Degrees and Certificates Campuses
AA – Associate of Arts CYP – Cypress Creek
AAS – Associate of Applied Science EGN – Elgin
AAT – Associate of Arts in Teaching EVC – Eastview
AS – Associate of Science HLC – Highland
ATC – Advanced Technical Certificate HYS – Hays
BAS – Bachelor of Applied Science RVS – Riverside
BAT – Bachelor of Applied Technology NRG – Northridge
BSN – Bachelor of Science Nursing ONL – Online
C1 – Certificate Level 1 RGC – Rio Grande
C2 – Certificate Level 2 RVS – Riverside
CE – Continuing Education (non-degree) RVS – Riverside
ESC – Enhanced Skills Certificate SGC – San Gabriel
IC – Institutional Certificate SAC – South Austin
OSA – Occupational Skills Award Certificate or Degree Offered – ●
Some Courses Offered – ○