Click here to view the latest listing of programs within each Area of Study (AoS) and where they are typically offered. Meet with your advisor for more information on course offerings for your program of study in a specific semester.

Legend for the AoS by Campus listing of programs:

Degrees and Certificates Campuses
AA – Associate of Arts CYP – Cypress Creek
AAS – Associate of Applied Science EGN – Elgin
AAT – Associate of Arts in Teaching EVC – Eastview
AS – Associate of Science HLC – Highland
ATC – Advanced Technical Certificate HYS – Hays
BAS – Bachelor of Applied Science RVS – Riverside
BAT – Bachelor of Applied Technology NRG – Northridge
BSN – Bachelor of Science Nursing ONL – Online
C1 – Certificate Level 1 RGC – Rio Grande
C2 – Certificate Level 2 RVS – Riverside
CE – Continuing Education (non-degree) RVS – Riverside
ESC – Enhanced Skills Certificate SGC – San Gabriel
IC – Institutional Certificate SAC – South Austin
OSA – Occupational Skills Award Certificate or Degree Offered – ●
Some Courses Offered – ○