In order to earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, you will be required to take 15 general education credits in addition to the career and technical education courses specified in your degree plan. Certificates require fewer general education credits, if any. Some courses specified for certain general education component areas may be more than 3 credit hours.

Note: Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees are primarily intended for workforce entry, not university transfer. Meet with your Area of Study advisor or instructional department’s program advisor before taking classes if you intend to transfer.

General Education Requirements for the Associate of Applied Science Degree and Some Certificates

Refer to your specific award plan’s Program Map for course selections. The Core Curriculum Course List section of this catalog provides a detailed list of courses in each of the following component areas.

Component AreaRequired Minimum CreditsSelection Choices
Communication3ENGL 1301
ENGL 1302*
ENGL 2311
SPCH 1315

*Note: Students planning to transfer should take ENGL 1302 instead of ENGL 2311.
Language, Philosophy, and Culture/Creative Arts3Select from the Language, Philosophy, and Culture* OR Creative Arts areas of the Core Curriculum Course List.

*Note: Literature II courses may be taken without having taken Literature I. Literature courses have a prerequisite of ENGL 1302 with a grade of C or higher.
Life and Physical Sciences/ Mathematics3Select from the Life and Physical Sciences OR Mathematics areas of the Core Curriculum Course List.
Social and Behavioral Sciences3Select from the American History*, Government/Political Science OR Social and Behavioral Sciences areas of the Core Curriculum Course List.

*Note: History II courses may be taken without having taken History I.
Additional General Education3Select the course specified in your award plan, typically an EDUC or SPCH course.