Austin Community College District (ACC) offers 10 Areas of Study, making it simple to plan and follow a guided pathway to your academic and career success. Over 100 programs’ award plans in these 10 areas lead to college credentials that include technical certificates, two-year associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and advanced technical awards.

Each of the Areas of Study provides program maps, or pathways, designed to help you meet your academic and career goals by offering simplified, streamlined, and targeted course selection intended to assist you with registering for the courses you need to stay on a path to completion. Many of the technical programs offer short-term certificates and awards that are pathways to a degree, comprised of courses that will apply towards an associate degree, while also preparing you for immediate employment. All award plans’ program maps are designed to assist you with successfully persisting at ACC through graduation and preparing you for employment, career advancement, or university transfer.

Visit the Online Program Maps listing to access current award plans’ program maps within each Area of Study. Online program maps are also available in an interactive format on this ACC page: Academic Program Award Plans and Program Maps.

Please consult with an Area of Study advisor to explore ACC’s academic and career/technical programs within each of the Areas of Study, including transfer, career, and Continuing Education options, and to determine the award type that is best for your academic and career goals.


Associate degrees at ACC include a Student Success course in the first semester of the degree plan’s program map. ACC requires all new students with fewer than 12 successful college credit hours on their transcript to take a Student Success course. This requirement will ensure that you learn more about setting and pursuing your academic and career goals, managing your college course load, mastering effective study skills, and creating a realistic college plan. Student Success course options currently include EDUC 1100/EDUC 1200/EDUC 1300 Learning Framework: Effective Strategies for College Success courses; HUMA 1301 Prehistory to Renaissance topic course Great Questions Seminar; POFT 1171 College to Career Success course; or HPRS 1171 Student Success for Health Professionals course. Prior to registering for your first semester at ACC, consult with an Area of Study advisor or instructional department’s advisor to ensure you take the appropriate Student Success course that is part of your degree plan’s Program Map.

Some programs have restricted program admission requirements or pre-degree requirements. Contact the appropriate program’s instructional department for further information and guidance.

American Sign Language may substitute for the language requirements in any degree plan’s program map with the exception of the Associate of Arts degrees in the World Languages program.