The Austin Community College (ACC) District will be recognized as the preferred gateway to higher education and training, and as the catalyst for social equity, economic development, and personal enrichment.


The Austin Community College (ACC) District values and respects each individual student. In Austin Community College (ACC) District’s internal and external interactions with each other and our community, we value:

  • Student success and equity in which all students have equal opportunity and support to achieve their academic goals.
  • Student access to an affordable, challenging, and empowering higher education.
  • Excellence, innovation, and relevance in all of our programs and services.
  • Preparation of students for a globally competitive and technologically complex workplace.
  • Open, honest, and respectful communication, collaboration, and teamwork in all of our operations.
  • Promotion of equity as a means to understanding, an appreciation of cultural and individual differences, and a democratic society.
  • Ongoing professional development by all faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • The use of data and proven best practices in our evaluation processes, decision-making, and plans for continuous improvement.
  • Ethical, effective/efficient, and accountable use of public resources.
  • Partnerships with local, state, national, and international entities that are respectful, engaging, and help us leverage our resources and expand our expertise.
  • Creation and maintenance of a sustainable, safe, and healthy environment for students and employees.