When seeking to major in certain programs at Austin Community College (ACC), your ability to complete the program, be licensed or certified, or be employed may be affected if you have a prior criminal record. In such cases, the actual violation and the length of time since that violation may be the deciding factor.

Programs that require agency sponsorship and programs that require practicums, internships, or clinical experience rely on community agencies to help students fulfill that requirement. Some of those agencies may require criminal background checks prior to your being allowed into their facilities. If the participating community agency will not accept you because of a criminal record, you may be unable to continue in the program.

Programs where a prior criminal record may come into question include, but are not limited to, Health Sciences, Criminal Justice, Education, and Child Development. You should check with the program to confirm your eligibility. The College conducts pre-employment criminal background checks on all otherwise eligible financial aid applicants for Work-Study.

Applicants, such as registered sex offenders, should be aware that ACC is considered a “place where minors gather for regularly scheduled educational programs and/or activities.” In addition, some ACC campuses are in proximity to minors in public schools.