The Music Field of Study Curriculum is designed for students seeking a bachelor’s degree with a major in music or a related discipline. This field of study will expire on August 31, 2025.

Keyboard (piano) proficiency is a requirement for most baccalaureate degrees in music. Instruction in keyboard skills is generally offered in the first two years of undergraduate study. Keyboard proficiency courses approved for transfer are courses in group piano or applied piano lessons that concentrate specifically on the development of skills for passing keyboard proficiency examinations. Keyboard courses that concentrate primarily on performance literature are not considered keyboard proficiency courses. Completion of courses leading to keyboard proficiency does not necessarily satisfy the requirement at a receiving institution.

Transferring students who have completed the Field of Study Curriculum for Music must satisfy competency and proficiency requirements of the receiving institution. Diagnostic assessment of transfer students is permissible only if the receiving institution routinely conducts diagnostic assessment of its native students at the same point in the program of study. Should a transferring student fail to demonstrate proficiency, the student may be encouraged, but not required, to retake relevant courses to gain proficiency.

Austin Community College’s (ACC) field of study courses for music are listed below. The Field of Study Curriculum for Music consists of 31 semester credit hours (SCH) of lower-division courses broken out by categories. These courses are transferable to other Texas public colleges and universities and are applicable to a bachelor’s degree with a major in Music.

Music Field of Study Curriculum
CategorySCH in CategoryCourse NumberCourse Titles
Ensembles4MUEN 11XX
Instrumental and/or Vocal Ensembles
Applied Study8MUAP 11XX
Applied Music
Music Theory12MUSI 1311
MUSI 1312
MUSI 2311
MUSI 2312
Music Theory I
Music Theory II
Music Theory III
Music Theory IV
Aural Skills4MUSI 1116
MUSI 1117
MUSI 2116
MUSI 2117
Sight Singing & Ear Training I
Sight Singing & Ear Training II
Sight Singing & Ear Training III
Sight Singing & Ear Training IV
Music Literature3MUSI 1307Music Literature
*Not currently offered at ACC

Students should always consult with an academic or Music faculty advisor regarding transfer to a specific college or university. In addition, students should consult with an advisor at the Texas college or university to which they are transferring for additional information.